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| Establish CASFAC
| Expand I-Choen Factory
| Establish HK Research Center
| “INNO BIZ” Techcology company
| New Factory establish (I-cheon)
| Official Sponsor of 2005 for "the Academic Seminar for the National Nutritionist
| The Brand Competitive in the Product Service" from the Daily Sports Newspaper
| Official Sponsor of 2003 for "the Academic Seminar for the National Nutritionist
| "Water" Mark / "S" Mark for Sterilization / 'ISO9001'
| Prospective Middle Sized Company" from the Ministry of Middle sized
| Head office building was completed and relocated
| Launched a prayar meeting for the whole personnel,
  | Established Yeongnam and Honam branches
  | "GQ Certificate" for the qualified goods of the middle sized company
| Appointed as an official sponsor of Asia Dietitians Convention
| Equipments "Q Certificate" ? Quality Warranted
| Relocated head office to Songjeong-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
| Fouded Hankook Kitchen